Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

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Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

Come in to Fowler Hyundai to see what our Auto Glass Shop can do for you. We have a strong team of highly trained glass technicians to make sure the job is done right, and on time. We only use top quality industry standard supplies to repair your vehicle.

Do you have any questions? Please call our shop at 1-888-626-1738.

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

Cheapest Price isn't Always the Best Option

So you're in a situation where you need to replace your broken windshield. What do most people think to do? Most car owners default to looking for the lowest-price option. However that's not the best route to take in the event of a serious car accident. A lowest-price option may not include the best quality and care when installing the windshield. For example, an incorrectly installed windshield could pop out during an accident, resulting in the roof to cave in and potentially crushing the passengers in the car. Or when the front airbags deploy, they release a tremendous force against the windshield and blows it out because it is not firmly glued in.

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

Find a Auto Glass Shop with Certified Installers

Let's assume you have decided to use the original manufacturer's glass to replace your broken windshield, that's great. But choosing a good installer is just as important. We recommend that you find a auto glass shop with certified installers. Why? Certification is important when it comes to installers staying up to date with technology advances and changing automotive designs.

You don't want to have installers who just quickly install windshields into cars without a concern for safety. This leaves the windshield unsafe for driving. Note that the windshield is held together by two sheets of glass and an inner layer of hard vinyl.

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

Know what Windshield you're replacing with

Make sure you know what brand of auto glass you're using as replacement. If you drive a luxury vehicle, you want a quality piece of auto glass to go back in. Most reputable glass shops will explain the difference between a general piece of glass vs. an original equipment (OE) glass. Word of advice, you definitely want to use the original equipment (OE) or the equivalent original equipment equivalent (OEE).

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

How to Check for a Job Well Done

Most windshield installations will only take about an hour. Once the installer is done, be sure to check for signs that the job was completed correctly and with care. Ensure that there is no sign of glue visible inside the car. The car should also be clean inside. Any debris left in your car could be the sign of poor quality of work.

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB

When you don't need a complete Glass Replacement

The rule of thumb is that most small chips and cracks can be repaired. But ultimately, it depends on four factors: the size, type, depth, and location of the damage. A certified auto glass technician will evaluate the number of factors before determining whether your windshield is repairable. Repairing chips and cracks typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. How does it work? Windshield repairs involve the injection of a clear resin into the outer layer of the glass in order to restore its integrity and original appearance of the glass.

Come to Fowler Hyundai Auto Glass Shop

At Fowler Hyundai Auto Glass Shop, we offer auto glass repair and replacement for all types of domestic and foreign makes and models. Our trained professionals use only the finest quality glass and materials along with state-of-the-art installation techniques that guarantee the original structural integrity of the vehicle.

Fowler Autobody and Glass have been servicing Brandon and Western Manitoba since 1982. We provide free estimates, free courtesy vehicles, MPI accredited repairs, windshield repair & replacement, and are I-Car Gold Class Certified Repair Facility. We have the latest in technology & equipment to ensure your vehicle gets fixed to the highest of standards.

Fowler Autobody & Glass offers a limited lifetime warranty on repairs we perform*. We do not cover defects or damages related to rust, abuse, subsequent collision, theft, stone chips, scratches, or improper care and maintenance of the vehicle.

Auto Glass Shop in Brandon, MB
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