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how much is a hyundai sonata ?

how much is a hyundai sonata ?

If you've had your eye on a new vehicle that will give you the fuel efficiency you crave, you may have considered the Hyundai Sonata. However, you may have asked -- how much is a Hyundai Sonata? You'll be glad to hear that you don't have to pay an extraordinarily high price for a hybrid car like the Sonata. Even brand new, this car is reasonably priced and offers plenty of benefits for those who want an upgraded car.

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The 2020 Hyundai Sonata is fully redesigned with added features, plenty of safety, and extra technology features. Some of the safety technology you can expect to get with your Sonata includes:


      • Lane keeping assist
      • Forward collision-avoidance assist
      • Driver attention warning
    • Blind spot collision warning
    • High beam assist
    • Smart cruise control
    • Rear cross traffic collision warning
    • Rear view parking guidance


But it's not just the added perks of staying safe while you drive that makes people give the Sonata a second look. It's the styling that may turn your eyes to it. From its low sleek look and extra touches to the exterior, people are deciding it's definitely worth the price. From daytime running lights that go all the way over the hood to the aggressive style grille, the 2020 version of the Hyundai Sonata is going full-on sporty!



The Hyundai Sonata has also done a complete remake of the interior and it's something that provides plenty of convenience for people. The climate control mechanisms are simple and convenient to use. In addition, the touchscreen is high-mounted and easy to use. The interior design of the Sonata is a little less cluttered than the last version because of a switch from a traditional transmission lever to buttons for park, drive, etc.



You will also appreciate the spacious room within the cabin as you have room for even a a 6-foot passenger to fit comfortably behind a 6-foot driver!


This midsize sedan can definitely compete with some of the other midsize models such as the Mazda 6, sporty Kia Stinger, and the Toyota Camry. So, how much is the 2020 Hyundai Sonata? Let's break down the trim levels and pricing below:


2020 Hyundai Sonata SE MSRP: $31,004

2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL MSRP: $33,763

2020 Hyundai Sonata SEL Plus MSRP: $36,325

2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited MSRP: $44,011


Now that you see this vehicle is reasonably priced for all that you get, it's time to consider upgrading your ride to a new Hyundai Sonata. Whether you want one because of its stellar looks or because of the hybrid engine, you will be pleased with the outcome


Take the Next Steps



Get ready for a change and stop by our lot at Fowler Hyundai. We are here to make sure you find just the right Sonata for your needs. A knowledgeable car associate will go over the trim levels with you to discuss what the differences are, and we'll also show you the various upgrades, optional features, and color choices. You can have a customized Sonata when it's done. See you soon!

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