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How to Prolong Your Hyundai's Engine Life

How to Prolong Your Hyundai's Engine Life

As a proud Hyundai owner in Canada, you understand the importance of maintenance when extending your vehicle's lifespan. But are you aware of the steps you can take to prolong your Hyundai's engine life? Fowler Hyundai is dedicated to helping you maximize the longevity of your vehicle. Here are our top tips to ensure your engine remains in prime condition.


Resist the Need for Speed

While testing your Hyundai's horsepower on the Trans-Canada Highway may be tempting, driving at excessive speeds can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your engine. High speeds force various vehicle components to work harder, increasing heat and potential damage. So, remember to keep within the speed limit - your engine will thank you for it.


Embrace Regular Servicing

An engine's lifeblood is its oil, coolant, and transmission fluid. Regular maintenance at a trusted service department, like Fowler Hyundai, ensures these are changed as needed. Consult your car's owner's manual to see how often you should service your engine, or visit us for expert advice tailored to the Canadian climate and driving conditions.


Verify Your Hyundai's Towing Capabilities

Overloading your Hyundai not only strains your back but also your engine. Always cross-reference the weight you plan to tow with your vehicle's towing capacity, available in the owner's manual. Exceeding this limit could inflict significant long-term damage on your engine.


Maintain Consistent Driving Patterns

Stop-and-go driving can strain your engine as it's constantly forced to change pace. While avoiding this completely is challenging, especially in Canadian urban areas, minimizing harsh braking and acceleration when possible will ease the burden on your engine.


Warm Up Your Engine in Cold Conditions

Cold Canadian winters are tough on your engine, as running it cold can cause damage. So during those frosty mornings, start your vehicle and let it idle for several minutes before driving. This gives the oil and other fluids time to warm up and circulate smoothly through the engine.


Consistent Care for Your Transmission

The engine and transmission are a dynamic duo - when one works hard, so does the other. Therefore, regular maintenance for the transmission is just as essential, ensuring fluid levels are optimal and the transmission fluid is free of contaminants.


Consider the Benefits of Synthetic Transmission Fluid

When changing your transmission fluid, consider upgrading to synthetic. It offers superior protection in extreme temperatures, perfect for Canada's hot summers and freezing winters.


Ensure Your Radiator is Working Optimally

The radiator plays a crucial role in preventing your engine from overheating. In addition, a well-maintained radiator ensures your engine and transmission remain safe from potentially catastrophic heat damage.


Trust Fowler Hyundai for Your Engine and Transmission Maintenance

We're committed to keeping your Hyundai engine and transmission in peak condition. So please book an appointment with our service department today for experienced, top-notch care. For queries or to schedule an appointment, please get in touch with us anytime.

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