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Tips for Maintaining the Fuel Efficiency of a Hyundai Santa Fe

Tips for Maintaining the Fuel Efficiency of a Hyundai Santa Fe

Maintaining the fuel efficiency of a Hyundai Santa Fe can be challenging, as there are a lot of components that need to be maintained. Follow these tips for maintaining the fuel efficiency of a Hyundai Santa Fe.


Drive More Efficiently

Drive with cruise control, and set the speed at which it works. You will save fuel by not having to accelerate and decelerate so much when driving. This can also help with your fuel economy. You should also tailgate and drive slowly in traffic. It can save fuel by reducing air resistance. It also helps reduce wear on your vehicle’s brakes and tires.


Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires can lead to a loss of handling, poor fuel efficiency and increased wear on the tires. Over-inflated tires can cause premature tire wear, damage to the vehicle’s suspension system, excessive vibration and noise in the cabin. It also reduces fuel efficiency. Keep your tires at the right pressure for better performance and efficiency.


Eliminate Excess Weight 

Santa Fe’s fuel efficiency can be improved by eliminating excess weight. If a vehicle is overweight, it will burn more fuel and exhaust more emissions than it would if it had a lower weight.


The EPA estimates that every pound of added weight in your Santa Fe will increase its fuel consumption. Adding in other things like aerodynamics and wind resistance, you could see even bigger gains in total miles per litre.


Use Air Conditioning And Cruise Control 

Using air conditioning sparingly is a great way to reduce your vehicle’s emissions, but it can also reduce its fuel efficiency. Cruise control is another way of reducing fuel consumption. When you’re not on the highway and aren’t accelerating, cruise control will keep your speed constant, making it easier for your engine to stay at peak performance without having to work as hard.


Plan Your Route

The best way to save fuel is by planning your route ahead of time. You can get a good idea about how long your trip will take by plugging in the address and driving directions you need to go. This will allow you to avoid traffic and take the shortest possible route.



Hyundai is known for producing fuel-efficient cars, and the Santa Fe is no exception. If you drive a lot and want to save money at the pump, browse our Hyundai Santa Fe for sale in Brandon. These are tips that can ensure that your vehicle runs as efficiently as possible at all times. We hope you enjoyed reading this article and it will help you save money.

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