Hyundai Prophecy Review - Dealership near Brandon

Hyundai Prophecy Review - Dealership near Brandon


Hyundai Motor Unveils "Prophecy" Concept EVHyundai Prophecy Review from our Dealership near Brandon

The Hyundai Prophecy will soon be moving from the status of sleek concept car with Batmobile-esque features to production version in the near future. We at Fowler Hyundai cannot wait to receive the Hyundai Prophecy into our lineup and have gathered up all of the available Hyundai Prophecy specs to report to you here. Keep reading to get a sneak peek at the incredible new Hyundai Prophecy.

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According to Hyundai SVP and head of global design SangYup Lee, the product version of the Prophecy will be coming out after a production version of the 45 concept. The Prophecy is also rumoured to be replacing the Ioniq in the Hyundai lineup.

Hyundai Prophecy and its design

Design-wise, it is based on the streamlined vehicles of the 1930s with looks inspired by water. Hyundai's design language for the Prophecy is one called Optimistic Futurism, replacing the old Hyundai language of Sensuous Sportiness. The Prophecy will share similar characteristics, such as the longer wheelbase with shorter overhangs however, the Prophecy's unique EV architecture will go one step further as seen in the exterior styling. Hyundai reports going for a "weathered stone" look paired with a clean and simple cut extending from front to back. The boat-tail line on the rear quarter panels will help evoke a sense of motion, even while parked.

Inside, drivers can get a glimpse of the future with joysticks in lieu of a steering wheel. Two joysticks allow for left and right controls while others are placed throughout the vehicle for other functions. Hyundai states these changes offer more "visual freedom" though we suspect after initial crash tests that the steering wheel will make a comeback before the Prophecy hits the market. Other interior design elements include eco-friendly materials, ambient lighting, and a minimalist approach overall. Lee reports that Hyundai wants occupants to feel a sense of warmth and emotional connection with the automobile however we can't help but feel that the sparse and futuristic interior leaves us feeling a touch cold. On the plus side, external air intakes at the bottom of the side doors provide purified air for everyone to benefit from.


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