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The Hyundai Prophecy Review from Our Dealership

The Hyundai Prophecy Review from Our Dealership

THe Hyundai Prophecy is the wave of the future. Sleek, elegant and completely smooth in its design, this vehicle was thought up to impress as much visually as it does with its performance. First premiered in the shocking and beautiful black finish, it exudes an air of success, confidence and immense luxury.

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Created to be the car of tomorrow, this stunning vehicle is on-board with renewable energy, as it is an electric vehicle with a long-lasting battery. Using a new look that is slated to be the next signature, defining Hyundai feature, the Prophecy sports innovative and stylish headlights: the pixel lamp technology.

Most excitingly, the prototype of the Prophecy was presented with a completely unprecedented two-sided control system instead of the conventional steering wheel and is marketed as capable of autonomous navigation. While it's not in production yet, the Hyundai Prophecy is scheduled to be available on consumer markets shortly and is expected to replace the Hyundai Ioniq. As soon as it is available, Fowler Hyundai will be thrilled to offer you a test-drive of this stunning EV, and will undoubtedly become your favourite Hyundai Prophecy dealership.


Good Things Are Worth the Wait



Though it isn't available just yet, every driver is excited for the upcoming Hyundai Prophecy model. An advancement in technology, a bold move in design and an undoubtedly impressive contender in terms of EV performance, the Hyundai Prophecy is sure to be a hit. Though there is no solid date announced for its production yet, it is speculated that the Prophecy will be ready to dazzle you and become your next vehicle sometime in 2021.

Taking a Page out of a Cool Book



The 1930s are known as a decade of spectacular modernism, with a re-invention of automotive shapes, styles and contours. The new Hyundai Prophecy takes a page out of that daring and aerodynamic book, imagining a whole new vehicle that takes the silhouette of the 1930s into our century. Its unique shape helps the Prophecy direct the flow of air around it to achieve two vital goals at once: keeping the vehicle more firmly on the road and cooling its battery.

Not Just About Form And Function



More than beautiful and impressive in terms of capability, the Prophecy is designed to give its driver and passengers a unique, luxurious and relaxing travelling experience. Glowing with ambient lighting and inviting with its plush interior, the Prophecy is a ride you'd have to try.


Living in the Moment


Sooner than you think, Fowler Hyundai will become known as the best Hyundai Prophecy dealership around, but before that happens, there's no need to hold your breath - other great options are available today! Hyundai has many hybrid and electric cars to offer, and they're ready for your perusal.

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